6,000 trees planted in October, and details about the massive potential of the project

Tree planting accelerates and opportunities abound for carbon sequestration in 2,000 acres of new land in Scotland

6,000 trees planted in October, and details about the massive potential of the project

Just the gist

If you're in a hurry, here's what you need to know this month:

  • 6,000 trees were planted in October, a major increase from 2,500 planted in August.
  • The newly purchased 2,000 acre (800 hectare) estate has capacity to plant 1 million trees!
  • 10 new humbug piglets were born on property. These pigs will help clear bracken, churn up soil, and spread manure, improving biodiversity in the forest.

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Hi Wren members! This is a special Spotlight Update from our friends at Future Forest, the wonderful organization behind the Regenerative Agroforestry project on Wren. Spotlights are long, detailed updates on a Wren project that we think is doing excellent work.

Regenerative Agroforestry is the newest (and most expensive) project on Wren, and is already supported by hundreds of members every month. 100% of carbon credits from this project are purchased by us, so your impact on this project is immense.

100% of carbon credits from Future Forest are purchased by Wren, so your impact on this project is immense.

The Brodoclea Forest

Every day, new trees are planted on 430 acres of land in Scotland, just south of Glasgow. The forest, called Brodoclea, is planted with mixed deciduous trees just like the native forest would have been. In October, 6,000 new trees were planted in the forest.

The Brodoclea Forest, southwest of Glasgow, spans 430 acres, and is home to the thousands of trees planted as a part of the Regenerative Agroforestry project.

Glenaros Estate (New)

Glenaros Estate, a 4-hour drive from Brodoclea Forest, is a beautiful 2,000 acre plot of farmland with the capacity to hold 1 million trees. The estate will more than double the agroforestry potential of the project. Here is an aerial photograph of the land:

No, this isn't a stock image—welcome to Glenaros Estate!

This project is focused on more than just tree planting though—biodiversity, forest management, and maximum carbon sequestration are top priorities. Here's a direct quote from the project founders on biodiversity in Glenaros:

“Our new Mull forest will be home to a spectacular variety of wildlife. There is an abundance of wildlife on Mull with 123 different species of birds including the white-tailed sea eagle, as well as hedgehogs, rabbits, deer, sheep and sea life found around the coastline including minke whales, porpoises and dolphins!”

Future Forest Team

The forests are home to a lot more than just trees.
This project always plants native, mixed species forests; never monocultures.

The whole team at Wren is excited about this project because of the attention to detail, and the desire to go above and beyond simple tree planting. In order to reverse the climate crisis, we'll need new strategies that utilize the full carbon sequestration potential of land, and your contribution to Wren is helping kickstart that endeavor in the hills of Scotland.

- The Wren Team