A personal welcome from project lead Jim Mann

Welcome to the Regenerative Agroforestry project, the newest project on Wren

A personal welcome from project lead Jim Mann
Future Forest founder Jim Mann with one of the pigs onsite at the project. The pigs forage in the new forest and fertilize it with their poop.

"We started The Future Forest Company because our planet is in crisis and we simply had to do something. We knew there was no silver bullet, no one magic thing that would make it go away. Our motto became 'trust in the trees'. Sure, they can't reverse the climate crisis on their own. But they really are our best hope of taking as much CO2 out of the atmosphere as possible, whilst also boosting biodiversity and bringing balance back to ecosystems all over the world. Sounds pretty good, doesn't it?

Your support means so much to us. It fuels our mission to plant millions of trees the right way, on land we own that we can protect. But just because we own the land doesn't mean we're the only ones able to enjoy it - we believe nature should be shared, and we hope you can come and visit us one day to experience what you've helped to grow!"

-Jim Mann • CEO, Future Forest