How you’re making a difference at COP27

Clean Air Task Force (CATF), backed by the Wren Climate Portfolio, raises the standards for action plans presented at this year’s Conference of the Parties.

How you’re making a difference at COP27

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Short on time? Here’s what you need to know for this update:

  • 🌱 High Expectations at COP27 — Clean Air Task Force (CATF), backed by the Wren Climate Portfolio, raises the standards for action plans presented at this year’s Conference of the Parties.
  • 🧡 Advocating for a Zero-Carbon Future — CATF is co-hosting a series of important conversations at the Conference, hoping to advocate, educate, and take action.

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Since 1996, Clean Air Task Force has launched and led multiple significant environmental advocacy efforts. Their cost-efficient initiatives have resulted in substantial public health and environmental benefits.

We added them to the Wren Climate Portfolio earlier this year, which you can read about in a previous update. But for now, let’s check in on how they plan to fight for climate progress at the largest climate conference in the world.

High Expectations at COP27

World leaders have made big promises, but they need to follow through. This year's Conference of the Parties (COP) is a chance to act after years of criticism for inaction.

Panel for European Climate Leadership and the Path Forward (via Twitter)

For example, at COP26 last year, world leaders signed the Global Methane Pledge. This signified a promise to cut methane emissions by 30% by 2030. More than 120 countries have signed the Pledge, and many of them will announce their action plans at COP27.

We have solutions to climate change, we just need to implement them.

“COP27 takes place at a pivotal moment for global climate action, and CATF will be there in force to help expand global understanding of the climate challenge and to advocate for the pragmatic approach and the scalable solutions we need to achieve a zero-carbon future.”

Armond Cohen, President of CATF

Clean Air Task Force, a policy group you support as part of the Wren Climate Portfolio, will hold leaders accountable at COP27, advocating for productive action plans. A good climate action plan will need to:

  • adapt to the needs of its respective region
  • implement a wide range of carbon-free technologies and mitigation strategies
  • have measurable projects
  • account for short- and long-term strategies

We’ll be sure to keep Wren subscribers updated on any promising climate plans.

Advocating for a Zero-Carbon Future

Clean Air Task Force is co-hosting "Zero-Carbon Future" at COP27. These panels and events will look at the realities of decarbonizing the world, and how we can make it happen. Experts will discuss lowering methane emissions, creating renewable energy, and increasing energy availability—not only making promises, but also developing realistic and specific plans for change.

Zero-Carbon Future discussion on Modeling Africa’s Energy Transition (via Twitter)

Some of the upcoming Zero-Carbon Future events include:

  • Africa’s Energy Transition and Transformation. Over several panels, this will examine Africa's energy models, projections, and funding for zero-carbon development.
  • Leveling the Playing Field for Environmental Justice. This will explore technology's role in mitigating climate effects on marginalized areas.
  • Regional Carbon Capture Strategies in the U.S., EU, and Beyond. This will identify crucial aspects for effective carbon capture, storage schemes, and how to scale.
  • Jump-Starting Methane Finance to Realize the Global Methane Pledge. This will re-assess the Pledge's progress in mobilizing methane action.
  • Beyond Biofuels: What it Will Take to Decarbonize Aviation. This will dive into how to reduce aviation's carbon footprint, and advocate for world leaders to act.

Wren members are invited to tune into CATF’s Zero-Carbon Future virtually or in-person in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt (GMT +2).

At Wren, we believe Clean Air Task Force will create and monitor productive environmental conversations while offering expert climate solutions. Their efforts to promote accountability and advocacy at contentious climate change conferences like COP are necessary moving forward.

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— the Wren team 🧡