Building a better future for African farming families

How our project turns $1 into $8, while helping end the climate crisis.

Building a better future for African farming families

Just the gist

If you're in a rush, here's what you need to know this month:

🎓 The #1 reason farmers join our project is to earn enough money to put their children through school. Last month, our project partner launched an education fund, to help as many African families as possible get a good education.

🤑 On our community tree planting project, money really does grow on trees. Our project partner estimates that for every $1 given to the project, it creates $8 in added benefits.

📸 Watch a video of Dorothy, a TIST leader from Kenya, explaining the many additional benefits of our community tree planting project in the update below!

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Our project now pays to educate its farmers' children

For the farmers on our community tree planting project, education isn't just learning new skills. It is a portal to a new way of life. Most of our project's farmers never went to school, and many never learned read. One big reason they join our project is to make sure their children have a better education than they had.

Educating children, especially women, in underdeveloped countries, is actually a key climate solution. Educated adults tend to have fewer children, who require less space to house, and less food to eat. Both of which lead to lower carbon emissions.

Last month, TIST launched an education fund to provide a stipend for their farmers– providing money for their children's school supplies, bus passes, and school fees.
Your support isn't just removing carbon from the atmosphere– it provides money to farmers, who use it to educate thousands of African children. Thank you.

The #1 reason farmers join our project is to pay for their children to go to school.
Education isn't just for the future generation. Here, a small group of farmers in Kenya are learning about new conservation farming techniques.

Hear from Dorothy, a small group leader, on the many benefits of community tree planting

As you can see– your support does so much more than just offset CO2. It helps African farmers grow food for their families, earn money for their futures, and even puts their kids through school.

That's it for this update! I hope you can see that your dollars really are making a difference. Your support is helping farmers across East Africa build themselves a better future. Thank you. đź’š

- Thomas Hollands