Wren Classic Portfolio Update: February 2024

Exciting news from Myanmar, and how it impacts your portfolio 🌱

Wren Classic Portfolio Update: February 2024

More mangroves join Wren Classic

Exciting news, we've added a new mangrove planting project to Wren Classic—the portfolio you support on Wren.

Mangrove planting in Myanmar actively restores mangrove ecosystems in the Ayeyarwady Delta to sequester CO₂, preserve marine habitats, build climate resilience, and uplift communities.

Alongside these activities, this project is known for its high quality. BeZero, the credit rating agency we work with, rated it AA—the highest grade ever awarded and in the top 2% of projects studied.

Our third-party verification partners

BeZero isn't the only entity that helps us assess project quality. Last month, we introduced you to Isometric, a new registry that will monitor and verify the impact of Bio-oil carbon removal. Here's how some of our other projects are authenticated:

Community agroforestry in Timor-Leste follows the Plan Vivo Foundation Standard and has its activities validated by TLLG.

Tradewater, our Refrigerant destruction partner, follows a methodology approved by ACR Winrock and has its activities verified by GHD.

Updated portfolio allocations

The funding allocations for Wren Classic have changed.

Introducing the Wrencyclopedia

Welcome to the Wrencyclopedia—the segment where we explain climate science concepts. This month, let's dive into additionality.

In a nutshell, additionality means that a project would not happen without our support. For example, we wouldn't fund a farmer who was going to plant a tree of their own accord, because the positive impact would happen anyway. We make sure all our projects are additional, so you're funding the most impactful initiatives possible.

If you have any questions, send us an email, and we'll get back to you shortly.

Thank you,
The Wren Team 🧡