4,000 new trees planted, Sea Eagles discovered, and more!

Since partnering with Wren in May, Future Forest's agroforestry project has already doubled in size.

4,000 new trees planted, Sea Eagles discovered, and more!

Just the gist

In a rush? Here's what you need to know this month:

  • Sea Eagles have been found nesting on the recently acquired Glenaros Estate! The Future Forest team is making sure these beautiful birds have a safe home.
  • 4,000 more trees were planted in November. The team are preparing the land at Glenaros Estate, where they will plant up to 1 million trees.
  • Future Forest has hired a Biochar Manager, Kris. Kris will start biochar and enhanced weathering pilot studies in January – two carbon capture techniques with very high potential!

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Hello, world!

I'm Thomas, employee #2 at Wren. The team and member community are growing at Wren, and I'll be writing many of the project updates going forward. I'd love to hear how I can improve them! If you have any thoughts, please let me know.

But without further ado, let's begin the update.

Future Forest have lofty ambitions: to plant 50 million trees in the UK by 2030.

But they're well on their way to achieving them. Since partnering with Wren in May, Future Forest's agroforestry project has already doubled in size. The start of Winter hasn't slowed them down: they're doing more every month!

Since partnering with Wren in May, Future Forest's agroforestry project has already doubled in size.

In today's update we'll revisit their original land in Brodoclea, before surveying the progress being made on the new Glenaros Estate.

Between the trees – Brodoclea Forest:

The team planted 4,000 more trees this month. Andy and Ken have been busy organising fencing to protect all the freshly planted saplings. The new fencing will provide extra land that is suitable for even more planting. Ken is enjoying his new role and has been getting the land ready to welcome many more woolly pigs.

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This porker's looking for lunch. Scottish pigs have a woolly coat, which keeps them warm on cold Winter nights.

Over the sea – The Glenaros Estate, Isle of Mull:

Following the acquisition announcement last month, the team have been hard at work on the estate.

Fancy a beautiful holiday getaway? The 5-bedroom Glenaros Estate principal house is calling. You can stay here as early as next year.

The Glenaros Estate boasts several beautiful buildings, including the stately principal house. There's an adjoining 3-bedroom cottage, three holiday cottages, and many other farm buildings too. The team have been working hard to renovate some of the cottages, which should hopefully be available to rent in the new year.

The other big update is even more exciting. The team have found Sea Eagles living on the estate!

White-Tailed Sea Eagles are quite the sight. They can have a wingspan of up to 8 feet (245cm)! Picture courtesy of Wikipedia.

Led by Jim, the team have been working closely with ecology experts to ensure they provide a safe home for these magnificent birds native to the estate.

The last piece of news is the one with the biggest potential. The Future Forest Company are welcoming Kris, a dedicated Biochar Manager, to the estate. Starting in January, Kris will lead pilot studies of biochar and enhanced weathering – two very promising carbon capture techniques.

The Future Forest company aims to use biochar and enhanced weathering to capture 10x more carbon than they will remove from reforestation alone. And remember, they're planning to plant 50 million trees. Your early support is having a truly massive impact.

That's all from me this time! If you have questions, feedback, or advice for starting a new job (!), please reply directly back to this email. I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

– Thomas Hollands