New ambitious carbon removal goals and the team behind them

Learn how our Mineral weathering in Scotland project is focusing their efforts.

New ambitious carbon removal goals and the team behind them

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Short on time? Here’s what you need to know for this update:

  • 🪨 New ambitious carbon removal goals — learn how our Mineral weathering in Scotland project is focusing their efforts.
  • Meet the team on the ground — There’s a lot of ground to cover (pun intended), so learn more about the team of over 70 scientists, analysts, and innovators!

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First, a special project highlight for you!

Matt Farrell from the “Undecided” YouTube channel goes over two of our Wren Climate Portfolio projects, one of them being Mineral weathering in Scotland. Check it out if you want a refresher of the mineral weathering process, or to see an interview with research lead, Mel Murphy:

New ambitious carbon removal goals

“Once I began looking at the challenges the world faces on a macro-scale, I realised that even if we could reforest all available land on earth, it wouldn’t be enough to solve the climate crisis,” said the founder. “At this point, the enormity of our situation really hit me, and I started looking at different technologies and processes that could be more scalable.” Enhanced weathering, a project now emerging out of its infancy, will play a crucial role in removing CO₂ from our atmosphere, quickly. And now, the teams can focus on their areas of expertise, making a bigger impact.

The project is aiming sky-high! Here are a few of their current goals:

  • becoming the largest carbon removal company in the world
  • removing a million tonnes of CO₂ from the atmosphere
  • becoming the first company to remove 1 billion tonnes

In terms of deployment, Enhanced mineral weathering in Scotland are already leaders in the field, and are quickly scaling up operationally. Thank you for your support in the project; together, we believe we can achieve these goals!

Meet the team on the ground

Mineral weathering in Scotland is a team of scientists, strategists, analysts, researchers, innovators, number crunchers, and creative thinkers, focused on enhanced weathering. In total, they employ over 70 people while supporting farmers and their rural communities.

Now, they have carbon removal operations in the UK and North America, with plans to expand—with our help.

Meet Team UNDO! They work remotely, but met up at the Dumyat site earlier this year.

The team is hard at work managing land operations, accurately measuring carbon withdrawal, and modeling the rate at which crushed basalt rock breaks down and reacts with CO₂ dissolved in soil waters—with a buffer to ensure conservative predictions.

Let’s spotlight a few of the team members!

From left-to-right: Jennifer Brodie, Jim Mann, Darren Marchment

Jennifer Brodie works on the project as a Senior Facilitator. Her love of the natural world led her to be a Scottish Environment Protection Agency Board member for four years, Chairwoman of North East Mountain Trust for seven years, and Business Development Member for oil pollution control company Briggs Marine for 10 years. Now she works on Mineral weathering in Scotland!

Jim Mann, the project’s Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, studied ecology at Durham University before founding the Future Forest Company and UNDO. “I’m optimistic that there is a far better world in our reach,” he says. “The harsh reality is that we’ve left things too late. We must act quickly.”

Darren Marchment first started working in the quarrying industry in 1990, with experience spanning across sales, business development, distribution, operations and management. He’s a member of the Institute of Quarrying and has always played an active role in product diversification and emerging markets aligned with the sector.

We’re excited to see (and tell you all about) the progress made by this new focus on carbon-removal and enhanced mineral weathering!

That's all for this update! As always, thank you for your support.
— the Wren team 🧡