Lifecycle Marketer

We're hiring a Lifecycle Marketer to help scale Wren!

Lifecycle Marketer

Learn more about Wren's climate projects.

Why this Role?

  1. Work on ending the climate crisis. Launch campaigns that show the world we can end the climate crisis—it will just take effort. Be a voice inspiring change.
  2. Build your role from the ground up. We're still very early in the story of Wren, and even earlier on telling that story to the world. We have lots of ideas to try, from building a custom drip campaigns based on carbon calculator responses, to sending regular newsletters breaking down climate change news—you will help us think of more ideas, and execute them!
  3. Tell stories that matter. The most popular project on Wren is a tree planting project that pays subsistence farmers to plant trees. Beyond the carbon impact, it changes lives. You can show the world how addressing climate change will improve lives around the world.
  4. Choose your future. You will grow with us - Wren is still just beginning, and you will shape our trajectory as well as your own. As we grow, you'll be able to grow into your dream role and shape the future of the product as well as the company.

What you'll do

  • Build our email marketing strategy from the ground up—everything from segmenting our audience, to building drip campaigns, to writing regular newsletters on how the latest climate news affects our members.
  • Identify how to segment our growing audience and ensure each audience segment receives the right message at the right time.
  • Create, test, and optimize drip campaigns aimed at converting leads from our carbon calculator, flights page, gifts page, winning back churned members, and more.
  • Write, plan, and send regular email newsletters to our entire list, educating our users about how Wren fits into the regular climate news that our users are consuming.
  • Own all email marketing aimed at converting leads, and upselling current Wren members to other products.
  • Talk with users and do market research to understand what messages resonate and how to convince people curious about Wren to become paying members.
  • Become the company expert on our member journey: you will know better than anyone else what the different segments of Wren users are, and what they think about when they’re engaged with Wren.
  • Probably way more, you're encouraged to try anything you come up with that you think could convince more people to sign up for Wren!

This might be for you if...

  • You’re opportunistic: you can spot emerging trends in the news cycle and quickly build a plan for Wren to capitalize on them before the media machine moves on.
  • 🧙 You’re an email marketing wizard: you likely have at least 1 year of experience in a conversion-driven email marketing role, and you can debate the tradeoffs of sending new members topical email blasts versus segmenting them into tailored welcome campaigns—because you’ve done both before.
  • You’re curious to discover all the different kinds of people who become Wren members, and you’re excited to craft the perfect messaging for each audience.
  • You know how to write sharp, snappy copy that converts email leads into paying customers.
  • You're entrepreneurial: You understand how email fits into Wren’s other marketing efforts, and you’re constantly thinking about how to improve the feedback loops between our different marketing channels.
  • You like to work autonomously and have a lot of ownership over your work: you will build our email strategy from the ground up, and execute on it.
  • You're scrappy and excited to test ideas quickly on low budgets.
  • You have a growth mindset and are happy learning new things, especially when they're important for the team's success.
  • You love learning about the climate crisis and are passionate about telling stories that will help save the planet.


  • Competitive pay (cash and equity). The estimated pay range for this role is $70K-160K / yr. USD depending on location and seniority.
  • Health, dental, and vision insurance
  • Work from anywhere (we may move into an office after COVID, but will always be happy to work remotely, in a time zone a few hours from Pacific Time)
  • Flexible vacation time

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