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Marketing Generalist [CLOSED]

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Marketing Generalist [CLOSED]

Learn more about Wren's climate projects.

Our product

Wren is a web app that makes it easy for anyone to calculate and offset their carbon footprint through a monthly subscription. Through a series of questions, the website calculates your carbon footprint and offsets your emissions so you can live climate neutral.

Subscribers choose to offset through a specific project, and then monthly updates are sent showing the progress their project made, like photos of the trees planted or satellite imagery of the rainforest protected.

You can see what's next for our product on our public roadmap. Our product is still early and there's a lot we want to add. Maybe you can help us!

Our mission

Wren's mission is to help end the climate crisis.

We plan to do this by empowering individuals. Individuals are the atoms that make up society. We need systemic change in order to mitigate the climate crisis, and systemic change comes from individuals.

Wren is a mission-driven business backed by mission-aligned investors like Y Combinator, Union Square Ventures, LocalGlobe, and many wonderful angel investors, including Paul Graham and Yancey Strickler.

We wrote a legally-binding Charter as part of our incorporation as a Public Benefit Corporation earlier in 2020. In the charter, we commit to being radically transparent, always evaluating our own effectiveness, and being a role model for how corporations should act. These are values that we expect every member of the Wren team to uphold.

Why this Role?

  1. Work on ending the climate crisis. Launch campaigns that show the world we can end the climate crisis—it will just take work. Be a voice inspiring change.
  2. Build your role from the ground up. We're still very early on in sharing the stories of the projects on Wren. We have lots of ideas to try: weekly project updates, interviews with people working on the ground, town hall events—you will help us think of more, and execute them!
  3. Tell stories that matter. The most popular project on Wren is a tree planting project that pays subsistence farmers to plant trees. Beyond the carbon impact, it changes lives. You can show the world how addressing climate change will improve lives around the world.
  4. Choose your future. You will grow with us - Wren is still just beginning, and you will shape our trajectory as well as your own. As we grow, you'll be able to grow into your dream role and shape the future of the product as well as the company.

What you'll do

  • Brainstorm and launch diverse marketing campaigns for the offset projects on Wren—everything from emails to Instagram stories to online events.
  • Shape our strategy for searching for, onboarding, and marketing new offset projects.
  • Talk with users and do market research to understand what messages resonate and how to create connection between offset projects and their supporters.
  • Craft project updates that inspire readers to share and get involved.
  • Write copy that explains how our offset projects work and why they matter.
  • Host events, post on social media, organize interviews, and plan videos that tell the story of our projects.
  • Analyze how initiatives you launch impact growth, virality, and action taken by Wren users.
  • Probably way more, you're encouraged to try anything you come up with that you think could have results!
Our carbon offset projects, which range from high-tech rainforest surveillance to clean-burning cooking fuel production, span three continents. We're still working on how to tell their stories better!

This might be for you if...

  • You're an excellent storyteller and communicator, and have experience telling stories through diverse media.
  • You're comfortable thinking quantitatively, learning about how carbon offset projects work and analyzing the results of marketing campaigns.
  • You like talking to users and doing market research.
  • You're creative and like to brainstorm new ways we could engage with our supporters and followers.
  • You like to work autonomously and have a lot of ownership over your work.
  • You're scrappy and willing to test ideas quickly on low budgets.
  • You have a growth mindset and are happy learning new things, especially when they're important for the team's success.
  • You're driven by our mission and want to help launch solutions to the climate crisis.


  • Competitive pay (cash and equity)
  • Health, dental, and vision insurance
  • Work from anywhere (we may move into an office after COVID, but will always be happy to work remotely)
  • Flexible vacation time

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