Switch to renewable energy with Octopus

Switch to renewable energy with Octopus

Octopus Energy makes energy simpler, cheaper, and greener. They provide 100% renewable energy, at a lower cost than most other UK power companies.

It takes only 2 minutes to switch, will save you money, and their simple interface makes paying your bills even easier.

How does it work?

When you join a renewable energy supplier, you're still staying on the same energy grid. That means it's not guaranteed you'll get 100% renewable-only energy to your home. But for every kWh of energy you use, those suppliers will make sure an equivalent amount of kWh of renewables is produced elsewhere on your behalf.

More about Octopus Energy

Octopus Energy

Octopus Energy is an excellent energy supplier that is affordable and has great customer service. They serve over 3 million business and residential customers in the U.K. It has a fixed-rate tariff and a simple pricing model. However, Octopus Energy only provides electricity and no gas options.

Another good option


While Ecotricity is a smaller provider than Octopus, they're quite progressive for a utility: they're very vocal about ending reliance on fossil fuels and are even certified as vegan energy, meaning you won't get any energy generated from animal waste to your home.

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