The Wren Climate Portfolio and the rising cost of high-quality carbon projects

An update on the Wren Climate Portfolio, and the price of high-quality carbon offsets.

The Wren Climate Portfolio and the rising cost of high-quality carbon projects

Over the last few months, the number of Wren subscribers has doubled and along with that, so has our impact. Thank you for being a part of this journey.

As Wren continues to scale, we are very conscious about the types of projects we fund to maximize your impact. There are two things I'd like to share with you today related to this:

  1. The rising price of high-quality carbon offset projects
  2. Changes to the projects you support on Wren

1. The rising price of high-quality carbon offsets

The price of high-quality carbon offset projects is increasing, driven by demand from many players, including the Wren community.

A higher price for carbon is a good thing, as it puts more pressure on corporations to decarbonize rather than pay higher prices for offsets. Wren will continue to find and fund top-tier projects, buoying the quality of the offsets market and ensuring your impact.

For the past year, the cost to offset a ton of CO2 on Wren has cost $18 on average. With a reallocation of the fund and an increase in some project prices, the average has increased to $25.

This has no effect on your subscription price, but it does affect your offset percentage. If you have questions about this, please reply to this email and I will help answer questions directly.

2. The portfolio you support on Wren is changing

As of today, all Wren subscribers are migrating to a portfolio of projects, called the Wren Climate Portfolio. Our intention is to ensure you are having maximum impact by supporting the best projects, at the proper allocation.

A fresh design

To help explain what you are supporting and why, we have completely redesigned Wren's Projects page. Let me know what you think!

Wren members are now funding climate policy

Wren has traditionally funded climate solutions in three categories: Tree planting, Technology, and Conservation. Today, we are formally introducing a fourth category: Climate Policy.

Wren's goal is to make a tangible difference in reversing the climate crisis, and better climate policy is undeniably part of the solution. While supporting climate policy groups does not directly offset carbon emissions, the dollar-for-dollar impact is extremely impactful.

We're pleased to announce our first partnerships:

  • 🌤 Clean Air Task Force (CATF) — Decarbonize the global energy system to address climate change.
  • 🏛 Carbon180 — Design and champion equitable, science-based policies that bring carbon removal solutions to gigaton scale.
Note: If you are not interested in supporting climate policy projects, you can choose to support a specific carbon offset project of your choice from your account's settings page.

That's all for now! Thank you for continuing to support Wren as a member—we are so grateful to be with you on your climate journey.

Ben Stanfield
Co-founder, Wren