Wren supporters helped send clean cooking fuel to 7,500 refugee families!

This month, the project delivered clean cooking fuel to more refugees than ever.

Wren supporters helped send clean cooking fuel to 7,500 refugee families!

Just the gist

Short on time? Here's what you need to know this month:

  • 💰 Reminder: Mandulis Energy recently won a huge grant, worth €450,000, from the Dutch Fund for Climate Development! The project is now on track to set up a 500 kW bioenergy power plant, which will power the production of 50 tons of clean burning briquettes each day, with 100% renewable energy.
  • 🌱 The project just delivered briquettes to 7,500 refugee families, in partnership with the UN Food and Agriculture Organization!
  • 🎋 The project also recently held a bamboo planting ceremony—with lots of beautiful pictures. Scroll to the bottom to see them!

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Hey Wren Members!

Just a quick update from Clean Cooking Fuel for Refugees this month.

They're putting their newly won €450,000 grant money to good use: they just delivered clean cooking fuel to tens of thousands of refugees, in the Kiryandongo and Lamwo refugee communities in Uganda. The UN Food and Agriculture Organization helped finance this delivery. They will continue to deliver 20kg of briquettes to each refugee family every month.

Refugees using Mandulis Energy's clean burning cookstoves and cooking fuel.

Also: at the site of their biomass power generator, they recently hosted a bamboo planting ceremony. It was a wonderful moment for the community to get together, and there are some great pictures from the event.

Top left: the Mandulis team pose by their generator. Top right: children from a local school arrive at the ceremony. Bottom left: Peter Nyeko, Mandulis project lead, gives a speech at the ceremony.
Planting the bamboo seeds.

That's all for this update. As always, thank you for your support—and see you in the next one!

—The Wren team.