Over 1,000 farmers join our project every month!

This month, Community Tree Planting made history.

Over 1,000 farmers join our project every month!

Just the gist

Short on time? Here's what you need to know this month:

  • 🥇 The Community Tree Planting project earned Triple Gold Certification from the carbon offset verifier VCS. This is the first time a project has ever attained this standard!
  • 📈 Over 1,000 farmers are joining the project every month, and over 3,000 small groups of farmers have joined this year!
  • 🧑‍🌾 In this update we hear from Modi Joseph, a farmer who has been working on the project for over 5 years.

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It's a historic day for our project: It just became the first carbon offset project to receive Triple Gold Certification by VCS, a leading offset verifier. The project received a gold rating in the Community, Climate, and Biodiversity categories– underlining the amazing benefits the project has for East African farmers, their local environments, and the planet.

New farmers join the project every day

The leaders of the Community Tree Planting project aren't resting on their laurels. They are recruiting more and more farmers to join every day. Our partner, TIST, recently launched a simplified mobile signup page that prospective farmers can use to register their interest in the project. This has amplified the project's word of mouth growth: now over 1,000 farmers are joining the project every month!

Left: the oldest trees on the project are now over 2 decades old. Upper Right: A tree nursery in Uganda. Lower Right: An open air small group meeting in Kenya.

Community Spotlight: Modi Joseph

One farmer who didn't join recently is Modi Joseph of Uganda. He's been working on our project for over 5 years. shares this collaborative mindset, observing that the TIST Program “has really improved our lives here within our village.” As a community, they now have energy saving stoves, access to firewood, and a more reliable food supply. And because of the variety of species he's planted, Modi now has access to medcine and his own food supply.

By participating in project meetings, he has learned about energy saving stove construction, and conservation farming techniques like transplanting, pruning, and grove management.  Modi Joseph speaks for his whole group of farmers when he says: “This project has changed our lives.”

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From all of us at Wren, have a very merry Christmas, and thanks for your support. 🧡

- Thomas and the Wren team