Switch to green investments with Wealthsimple

Switch to green investments with Wealthsimple

If you have any kind of investment account, it’s likely your investments are being used to finance fossil fuels. You can have a massive impact simply by switching to climate friendly investments. Since the green energy economy is booming, you don’t have to sacrifice financial returns to ensure your investments align with your values.

About Wealthsimple


Wealthsimple has excellent Social Responsibility Impact portfolio options for climate. The three options are risk-weighted, supporting companies that aren't involved in fossil fuels, tobacco, or weaponry. The portfolios eliminate the top 25% carbon-emitters in each industry

Beyond having great portfolio options for socially responsible investing, Wealthsimple is also rated as a well performing robo-advisor on NerdWallet and is the largest robo-advisor in Canada, supporting over 2 million users.

There's no minimum balance requirement as well as easy access to human advisors and analysts. Additional perks include a roundup feature to deposit spare change from purchases into your account, and a savings account with a 1.83% APY.

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